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Our products include solar air condition, DC based air condition and refrigerator,  air ventilation, and customised air quality solutions, and IOT air control products and a broad array of associated accessories. We help customers' on bespoke ideas, and technology models for the digital age. 

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Luxury atomizing fan (MF-26SL)

Centrlfugal atomization design,without nozzle,no need for water-flltration equipment
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Product description
· Centrlfugal atomization design,without nozzle,no need for water-flltration equipment
· Adjustable misting volume,low nosie
· Atomizatlon and Air deliver driven by separate motor,convenient to use and easy to maintain
· Fan surface with powder coating,good rust prevention and long service life 
· Motor with low-temperature- rise design,steady performance long- Ife:operation and good 
overload protact
· Rotective device for pump running When water is over 
· 90° oscillation.three speeds 
Waterproof electr design,safe to use 
Utilized CAD optlmized design,good and graceful-looking 
Special usage:such as livestock farm,greenhouse,mushroom breeding field,etc
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